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Did you know that…

everyone has a calling?  It’s just a matter of figuring it out and finding it!  First you have to find your salvation -- that which works beyond this world and can take you safely into the next one.  Most figure out when they find the God who can raise you from the dead, in your best wholeness,  that they have the right one, and it’s not just a mental understanding, but there is an experience that goes with it. JESUS said, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.”  John 11:25 If you are new at this, it’s just a prayer away, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and life and show you His way.  Ask Him to become your Lord and Savior, and if you are sincere, He will!  And there are so many good things to follow!  This web site is writings dedicated to those who have done that and who want to find out more, how to go about this life and calling - and change within and change the world without, for the better!

Let the Son shine through!

There is no flourishing plant life without the sun and it’s the same in the spirit man.  We need the energizing Son! Access is all around us, but we don’t always have the direct access for ourselves until we learn how it works.  We can have moments that take us a little further down the road, and sometimes, we have setbacks.  And often those are for good reasons, to realign us towards an even better future.  We want to get beyond where we need a “certain someone” to help us;  we want to gain that energiizing internal life for our own!  We want to help teach you. Why is this important?  Because there are those who will take from us and never give anything in return.  In fact, the evil that is yet in this world will come to kill, steal and destroy us, but Jesus offers a way to overcome that, and we need to find it and work it out in our own lives , and help others too.  That is the true Body of Christ.

We embark on a journey…

Are you ready?  This is a Spiritual journey.  We are going from the natural life to the successful spiritual one.   We will encounter many things.  We will look for the Personality of God, to know Him better. We will encounter resistance and success and discover things, even dimensions, that we have not known before.  We could do that anyway but not always come out ahead or even intact!  No, this is not an adventure of just the mind and emotions.  It’s a Spirit journey that has our personal name on it and that will take us to the Throne of Almighty God for His blessing of Love upon our lives. It’s purpose and direction and personalized just for us.  There is empowerment and tests and prizes and surprises. But best of all, it’s good, for eternity.  Welcome to the writings of Pam Clark, a prophetess servant of God, called to help minister to  you -- because you are His chosen and you are called to be a world changer, whether you know it or not. A pioneer will see things others have not seen before, and will share the experience for the benefit of others. Please help to support us in this work.  It really does make the difference!  If we have helped you, please share in honor of our time and efforts to do that.
Ministering to His ministers…
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